Principal's Message

Principal's Message

I feel greatly elated and proud to share my feelings with you. ‘Government Arts College’, catering to the needs of thousands of students through its under-graduate programme. As an institution of higher learning.

Our mission is to cater to the needs of both urban and rural students of the region while providing them quality education as a constant endeavour to empower them for a better tomorrow…….

The Eleventh Plan focuses on equity and inclusive growth. The institution believes that this goal can be achieved through enlightenment of young citizens which comes through quality education. The 21st century is synonym of information age and the world is a ‘global village’, where every branch of knowledge and information is available at the touch of a button.

To realize the dream of making young people competent in this competitive era, our college has created excellent facilities for the students to keep pace with the outside world.

It’s my humble appeal to all the students of this college that vast information is available around you; let us transform it into knowledge and wisdom.

Dr. Rajesh  B. Kothari

(I/C Principal)