Vision and Mission

Our Vision & Mission


To inspire a passion for knowledge through delight in learning. Government Arts College’s vision is to translate the educational policies of the government into reality for the upliftment of the underprivileged youth in Gujarat.


Teach through vernacular medium.

To strive for continuous improvement in performance by genuine evaluation of teachers and students.


In the light of our Mission statement the College with the support of Government of Gujarat aims to spread knowledge amongst the students who are from the socio and economically backward segments of society.


Teach through vernacular medium.

To strive for continuous improvement in performance by genuine evaluation of teachers and students.


Government Arts College abides by the Motto.

“Gyanat vindem Gauravam” i.e- Knowledge begets self esteem/ pride.

This motto has been coined from ‘Uttar Ram Charita” of Bhavabhooti by a scholarly professor of the department of Sanskrit Prof. Vasant Pandya who has witnessed the inception of this college as Government Arts College

Academic Goal Orientation:

The College follows the curriculum developed by the Gujarat University at both UG and PG levels. In 2010 semester system was introduced at PG level and at UG level in 2011. 

The programmes of the College have subjects in Humanities and Social Sciences conducted with a holistic view of education. Though GACGG strictly follows the syllabus developed by Gujarat University, while teaching in class, the teachers do lay emphasis on topics that have relevance to global trends.


Core Values of College

Prime Objective:
Continuous improvement in performance by data-driven decision-making process and evaluation of results.

Team Spirit:
We work in college as one family and we respect the value and dignity of each staff member of the college.

We work as passionately and enthusiastically as if each day is our first day of our career in order to serve as a role model for our students.

1) Encourage creativity, innovation and adventure-spirit.
2) Exhibit quality in education and career building.
3) Promote continuous improvement.
4) Anticipate needs of the students of the rural background and respond accordingly.
5) Encourage harmony with local community through services.
6) To strive to meet the expectations of the students by updating our knowledge.
7) Enhance the capability of decision-making in students at the level of implementation.
8) Encourage interdepartmental collaboration.
9) View hindrances as stepping stones to success.
10) Provide equal opportunity to students from all class, creed and community.

1. Strive to fulfill the vision and mission of the college.
2. Holistic development of student is our prime concern.
3. Update ourselves with the changing needs of our communities.
4. Create new programmes to provide platform to students.
5. Special attention to students from under-priviledged class.
6. Unanimous decisions are taken for implementation.